The mission of the Texas Bottle Bill is to establish a deposit/refund program to decrease the volume of aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers in our lakes and waterways, roadways and public lands. The deposit/refund system will combine financial incentives and convenient redemption centers. This along with curbside collection will ensure the maximum number of beverage containers for recycling. This Texas Bottle Bill will establish a funding base to create jobs locally and throughout the state - especially in the recycling, processing and manufacturing industries. The Texas Bottle Bill will reduce Texans' carbon footprint by increasing the supply of high quality materials for recycling, and help replace the practice of using virgin material to produce new products.

Litter travels from all corners of Texas into our storm drains and waterways until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. The mission of the Texas Bottle Bill is to stop the unnecessary and improper disposal of valuable resources, and to help create jobs for our communities here in Texas.

There are 10 bottle bill states in the U.S. The first one began in 1971. Another 10 states currently have deposit/refund legislation pending.